Brian Fuata (AU): Apparitional Keynote Lecture

Sunday 25.10.     12.00

Liveworks Festival | Sydney, Australia
& Live Stream

A ghost lecture-performance that speculates on the future we are moving toward.

The work is part of Shortlist LIVE! Programme and nominated for the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art Award.

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A moment to gather together and collectively imagine what’s next.

The work is based on Brian Fuata’s structured ghost improvisation. A capital element of Fuata’s practice is one of absorbency allowing what artist and the Mother of House of Slé, Bhenji Ra notes as being one that reads the room, from which the constituent actors of a given site or context are reconfigured into an open text of poesis, sense, non-sense, and emotion.

In Apparitional Keynote Lecture, Fuata will bear witness to all Liveworks Festival’s works: filtering the dreams, speculations, disruption and propositions presented over the five days of Liveworks through the unique lens of his artistic practice.

Due to the current mobility challenges, caused by the global pandemic, Brian Fuata’s Shortlist LIVE! presentation will be experienced at the Liveworks Festival, Sydney, Australia. In Kuopio, we will present his practice in a film screening event.