Brian Fuata (AU): A Sheet as sail

Saturday 31.10.     16.45

ITAK Stage | Suokatu 42/2
Accessible Event

A Sheet as sail will be filmed and edited to an independent post-improvisation film that will be presented at ANTI Festival!


A Sheet as sail continues Brian Fuata’s long standing practice of structured improvisation that exploits the image of the ghost. Fuata will be working in situ at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre, Australia, haunting and/or being possessed by the practices and artworks of the other artists, absorbing and embodying fragments of their works to become part of the performance.

Brian Fuata is shortlisted for ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art.

A Sheet as sail is a co-production with Blacktown Arts, Australia, and was part of the Terra inFirma: Sovereignty and Memory exhibition program curated by Paul Howard.

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Brian Fuata (AU): A Sheet as sail

How to get there?

Accessible entrance at the east end of the building. No accessible WC.

NOTE! Queuing outside