Aileen Lambert (IE): Breath

While strolling around various areas within the airport building Aileen Lambert will intermittently approach and exhale onto various glass surfaces, windows, doors, partitions, leaving a trail of breath marks fading behind her. The personal, visceral, intimate gesture of breathing and creating breath marks is a metaphor for life, and our continuous attempt to leave our mark on the world – a vain attempt to leave something behind.

Breath, Kuopio attempts to document the ephemeral trace of our transitory existence.

Aileen Lambert (IE)

Having graduated from an art college in Limerick, Ireland, with a first class honours degree in 1997, Aileen Lambert became involved with the Real Art Project (RAP), a Limerick-based artists-run initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging and established artists. Her involvement with RAP included the co-ordination of the annual live art festival Infusion, along with sound and video art projects.

Working predominantly in video and performance art, her practice is concerned with the relationship which the body has with it’s environment. Her performance work has been presented in various live art festivals in Ireland, Poland and the UK. In 2005 she completed a series of public art commissions in rural Ireland including Éist and Bóthar. Her most recent commission, Clog and Chláir, a temporary, solar powered sound installation, was situated on the uninhabited Scattery Island, off the west coast of Ireland on the summer solstice, June 21st 2006.