Event accessibility

We aim to organise the festival events in venues that can be accessed with wheelchair so that everyone can participate in the festival whatever their functional capacity or personal characteristics. Here you can find any exceptions and notions about the venues in accessibility point of view.

On this page, we have compiled information about the accessibility of the festival venues.  We will keep updating this page and are also happy to hear your development ideas related to the accessibility information. The accessibility of the art works and performances varies depending on each event. On each event page we have described the participation of the audience and informed about specialities under the title Participation. Always feel free to contact us, if something is left unclear.

Kuopio City Center and Kuopio Market Square

Events: Guided walk: Alluring silver, Thought: interrupted, Wasteland-Treasure land, Strange Hour
The streets of Kuopio city center are mainly wheelchair accessible.
The Kuopio Market Square is made of cobblestone and moving by wheelchair can be difficult.

Kuopio main library

Maaherrankatu 12, Kuopio
Events: Seminar: Local Effects
Accessible entrance with wheelchair access at the Maaherrankatu and Museokatu street sides.
Automatic doors that open with a button.
Accessible parking at the parking lot on Maaherrankatu street and along Museokatu street.
Accessible toilet in the downstairs lobby and the music department.
The venue has a wheelchair and a walker that visitors can borrow.

VB-valokuvakeskus, meeting room

Kuninkaankatu 14–16, Kuopio

Events: Kehofiktiot workshop in Finnish
The main entrance is not accessible by wheelchair. There are two stairs at the door.
Entrance without stairs (with a movable slope) is located at the side of the building, next a kindergarden’s red gate next door.
Accessible routes inside the building, the doorways are wide and thresholds are minimal.

Haapaniemenkatu 38, empty business apartment on ground floor

Events: I was living in a strange place
Accessible entrance, no automatic doors.
There is no toilet available for the audience in the space.
You can drive close to the entrance, but there are no accessible parking slots near.

Kuopio City Hall, banquet hall

Tulliportinkatu 31, Kuopio
Events: The Book of Kuopio, SLIT
An accessible entrance is located in the inner yard. Automatic door.
The banquet hall is located in the 3rd floor. Elevator can fit only 1 wheelchair at a time.
Accessible toilet located in the 2nd floor.

Lumit High School

Koljonniemenkatu 48–50, Kuopio
Events: Discussion on architecture (Lauteet space, door B), Sanity TV (Lumit näyttämö, door C)
Entrance to the Lumit-näyttämö is accessible.
Accessible entrance to the Lauteet space via Koljonniemikatu street side of the building, marked with a letter A.

Koivula, Savisaari

Bus transportation to the venue leaves from a shuttle bus stop at Maljalahdenkatu 31, Kuopio
No accessible entrance. There are 6 steps of stairs to the entrance and thresholds in the indoor spaces.
No accessible toilet.
No accessible parking space.


Pohjolankatu 1, Kuopio
Events: Festival opening, Festival lounge, ANTI Prize Party, Plant Based Stories II, Plant Based Stories LIVE
Accessible entrance.
Accessible toilet near the entrance.
Parking around the entrance.
The floor in the space is not even (uneven parts marked with a visible attention tape). There is a loud echo in the space.

Kulttuuriareena 44

Events: Deep Soulful Sweats, Soliloquy
Kauppakatu 44, Kuopio
Accessible toilet.
Accessible entrance.
No accessible parking space. Cars can be briefly parked directly in front of the entrance.

ITAK stage

Suokatu 42, Kuopio
Events: VOID
Accessible entrance (main entrance). The staff will open the accessible entrance to the performance space when needed.
Accessible parking on the Kuopio kansalaisopisto parking area accross the street (Suokatu).
Accessible toilet in the lobby.

Galleria Ars Libera

Maaherrankatu 3, Kuopio
Events: Workshop: Urban nature in natural colours, Wasteland–Treasure land, Strange hour
No accessible entrance to the venue.
No accessible toilet at the venue.

Haapaniemi chimney

Hermanninaukio 10, Kuopio
Events: Yks kaks kerrostalojen keskellä piippu
The venue is outside. The environment is mostly even, concrete yard. There is no toilet available at the venue.

Männistön ostoskeskus

Kalevantori, Kuopio
Events: Kaava 884 -walking performance
The venue is outdoors. The environment is even, concrete yard and grass as well as unkept green areas. There is no toilet available at the venue.


Väinölänniemi, Kuopio
Events: With this body I remember, with this body I re-wild
The venue is outdoors. The environment is paths and unkept green areas. There is no toilet at the venue.

Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi

Minna Canthin katu 16, Kuopio
Accessible entrance at Minna Canthin katu street.
Accessible toilets are located near restaurant Frans&Sophie, restaurant Utu and event space Puikkari.
Accessible parking space near the entrance.
Assisting dogs are welcome inside.