Partners and collaboration

Followed by several collaboration projects organised during the past 20 years, ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival is an internationally and locally trusted partner. Locally, we co-operate with public organisations, universities, schools and various business and non-profit organisations.

Key partners for ANTI Festival include the City of Kuopio, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Saastamoinen Foundation, Kone Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

ANTI produces projects and artwork that have positive social impacts and which encourage active participation in culture. In addition to activities open to all local residents, the festival organises targeted projects for children and young people, older people, minorities, immigrants and persons at risk of social exclusion. Our partners have included the City of Kuopio’s youth services, working group on supporting services for older people through culture, and immigrant unit as well as associations such as Nuorten Palvelu ry, Settlement Puijola, Vamos and Turvalinkki.