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ANTI Festival releases an annual publication, ANTIZINE - both as a printed and online version. ANTIZINE gives voice to people who have been creating the festival; curators, producers as well as artists, partners and participants are given columns to express their thoughts about the upcoming festival and its themes.

 As ANTI 2018 is inspired by ideas of play, playfulness, games and gaming, ANTIZINE vol. 6 / 2018 is responding to the same themes. We wanted to find a way to not only talk about games but talk about games through a game. Yet, ANTI Festival’s programme offers much more diverse perspectives to games, it was both the festival themes and the idea of co-creation that lead us as we decided to use a video game as a tool of text creation. This year, we wanted the zine to BE a discussion. 

Visit ANTI Festival 25.-30.9.2018 and Kuopio to pick up the printed version!


ANTIZINE vol. 5 / 2017 is not a typical festival catalogue, we go deeper underground - or shall we say, underwater!


ANTIZINE vol. 4 / 2016 was also the festival catalogue of Winter ANTI Festival!


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