Unspoken, from line to line

10.9. – 15.9.

The students from Art and Media Department of Aalto University will carry out diverse projects, interventions, performances and exhibitions in public spaces.

Drawing can communicate emotions, ideas without using words. A single line convey movement, mood even an entire story.

So, What can a line tell? How to communicate without words? We invite you to experience the power of visual communication with us.

Gather around on a large paper, where we’ll move as one. Whether you prefer to observe, sketch, or simply be present, you’re welcome. With artists Paula and Siiri leading, we’ll begin an improvised performance open to all.

Let’s come together to reflect on our shared experience.

This project is part of a long-term collaboration between ANTI Festival and Aalto University, in which the festival serves as a platform for a course in artistic research.