10.9. – 15.9.



Tiziano Cruz, winner of the Live Art Prize 2023, brings his new work Wayqeycuna to ANTI Festival 2024. The work consists of a performance and a 3-hour workshop.

Just as Andean women weave their quipus (textile artefacts made of ropes and knots) as memorials, the Argentinean artist Tiziano Cruz takes the path back to his childhood to reconnect with his community.

Based on archival work, the piece proposes a reflection on how racial hierarchies and structures of domination operate in a world in which neoliberalism violently devastates cultural, vital and collective traces.

Wayqeycuna is the last piece in the trilogy “Tres Maneras de Cantarle a una Montaña”, in which the artist articulates, through a series of poetic gestures, his childhood memories of the interior of northern Argentina with political manifestos on the art market and class privilege.

Workshop: Bread for the World

Bread for the World is an experience, part of Wayqeycuna, which seeks to intertwine art, territory and community, a space to explore culinary practices, such as the creation of loaves of bread to present our dead, those beings who have left this earthly plane and now inhabit the ancestral plane. This encounter explores collaborative work, attempting to erase the barrier between art and community.

Article photo:
Tiziano Cruz: Wayqeycuna. Kuvaaja: Matias Gutierrez.