Festival Lounge at VR Konepaja

At 12–18

At 10–18

At 10–18


Pohjolankatu 1

This year, a cluster of installations and events will be built at VR Konepaja, where the public can come and spend time on their own schedule and participate in performances.

During the festival week, VR Konepaja will be transformed into a festival lounge of ANTI. In the lounge the audience is welcome to enjoy art and a relax together within the opening hours and performance schedule.

Programme in the festival lounge and nearby
Festival opening
Installation: Plant Based Stories II
Listening spot: RadiOh Europa
Performance: Plan 884
Performative event: Spheres of Care
Perfromance: Plant Based Stories Live
ANTI Prize Party

Article photo:
Kuva: Akseli Muraja