RadiOh Europa

At 12–18

At 10–18

At 10–18


During the festival you can go listen to RadiOh Europa at VR Konepaja, Pohjolankatu 1.

Listen to a series of podcasts that include love songs recorded in ANTI Festival last year.

Since 2018, artists Gemma Paintin & James Stenhouse who work together under the name Action Hero have been driving through Europe asking strangers to sing them love songs. RadiOh Europa is a series of broadcasts of the love songs they have collected. In partnership with ANTI Festival and Homo Novus Festival for Festivals’ Path project they have created a special one off series of podcasts.

Listen to 10 hours of love songs recorded on their journey so far including love songs recorded in 2022 on their drive from Homo Novus Festival in Riga to ANTI Festival in Kuopio.

RadiOh Europa is part of Festivals’ Path project. The project is co-curated and co-organised with International New Theater Festival Homo Novus. Festivals’ Path project is funded by Ministry of Education and Culture Finland.

Article photo:
Action Hero: RadiOh Europa. Photo by Paul Blakemore.