ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

The 18th edition of ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 10th and 15th September 2019. Internationally celebrated, award-winning artists from around the world will once again present their projects in Kuopio.

The theme and focus for the 18th edition of ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival is death. The programme traces various iterations of death in an attempt to open-up thinking around our relationship to it and to the many sets of phenomena that surround it. Ideas die, eras end, materials become obsolete, things break, technology supersedes itself, places are abandoned, the natural world is destroyed, social and political ideals are overthrown, and plant, animal and human life is finite.

The rest of the programme will be published soon!

Artistic directors Johanna Tuukkanen and Gregg Whelan are looking forward to this year’s festival:

"We’re surprised it’s taken us 18 years to get here. Ideas of death, its impact, its social and cultural standing, its place in human life, its place in all life, has been one of the key drivers behind artistic practice for centuries.

So how does contemporary art speak to this most contemporary, and ageless, presence in our lives?  That’s the central question driving ANTI’s 2019 programme; what new practice, what new experience, new knowledge and new joy can we locate in thinking about and working about death?”

During the festival week, we will award ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art, one of world’s most exciting cultural prizes. This year the prize nominees will be present their pieces in Kuopio during the festival.

We’ll also host the fourth Future DiverCities Lab in Kuopio.

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Thursday 12.9.  19.00

Friday 13.9.  19.00

Saturday 14.9.  19.00

Old Kuopio Museum | Kirkkokatu 22, Kuopio Read more ▸

Tuesday 10.9.  18.00

Wednesday 11.9.  18.00

Thursday 12.9.  16.00

Alavan palvelukeskus | Siikaniemenkatu 4, Kuopio Read more ▸

Tuesday 10.9.  14.00-17.00

Wednesday 11.9.  14.00-17.00

Thursday 12.9.  14.00-17.00

Friday 13.9.  14.00-17.00

Saturday 14.9.  12.00-16.00

Sunday 15.9.  12.00-16.00

Puijo archery field| Suurmäentie 85, Kuopio Read more ▸

Tuesday 10.9.  7.00-18.00

Wednesday 11.9.  7.00-18.00

Thursday 12.9.  7.00-18.00

Friday 13.9.  7.00-18.00

Saturday 14.9.  10.00-15.00

The Library of University of Eastern Finland, Kuopion Campus Library, Snellmania building | Yliopistonranta 1, Kuopio Read more ▸

Wednesday 11.9.  19.00

Väinölänniemi Kuopio

“In Japan they teach as part of the school lunch program that plants give their lives in order for the people to live.” Read more ▸

Tuesday 10.9.  10-12, 16-18

Wednesday 11.9.  10-12, 16-18

Thursday 12.9.  10-12, 14-15.30

Friday 13.9. 10-12, 14-15.30

VR:n Konepaja | Pohjolankatu 1, Kuopio

Read more ▸

Thursday 12.9.  19.00

Friday 13.9.  19.00

Pohjois-Savon region hall | Sepänkatu 1, Kuopio

Read more ▸

Friday 13.9.  15.00

Saturday 14.9.  10.00

Hapelähteen puisto | Snellmaninkatu 41, Kuopio Read more ▸

Wednesday 11.9.  17.00

Sankaripuisto | Suokatu 45, Kuopio Read more ▸

Wednesday 20.3.  17.00-19.00

Wednesday 24.4.  17.00-19.00

Wednesday 22.5.  17.00-19.00

Kukka- ja hautauspalvelu Rosanna | Vuorikatu 25, Kuopio Read more ▸


Galleria Ars Libera | Suokatu 30, Kuopio

Read more ▸