ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

 ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 19th and 24th September 2017 in Kuopio, Finland. The festival has built a programme of projects around water as, this year, it has partnered with Our Water-Conscious Land, a project that proposes Finland, in its centenary year, should work as a global advocate for clean water and its preservation and conservation.  

Read the curatorial statement by Johanna Tuukkanen and Gregg Whelan!

During the festival week, besides the artistic programme, we will also hold the ceremony to announce the 2017 recipient of ANTI Festival international Prize for Live Art. And between 14th and 20th September, we will be hosting the second Future DiverCities Lab in Kuopio where four international artists will be exploring how digital technologies can augment socially engaged arts practices.

In additon to the projects presented below, the festival programme also includes works by artists and groups such as French & Mottershead (UK), Alan Dunn & Jeff Young (UK) and Volna (RU). Updates coming up, subject to changes!

Programme 2017

Waterborne is an audio work that uses lyrical narrative to describe the afterlife of the human body in water.

The work invites the listener to imagine and relocate their body below the surface, as it decays and dislocates on a journey from an urban canal, via a tidal river, and out to sea. Read more ▸

Kuopio City Theatre | Niiralankatu Street 2

Aalto is a light installation based on the natural structure of the wave and moves on the wide windows of the Kuopio City Theatre. Read more ▸

Tuesday 19.9.2017

Cratère n°6899 is a performative approach to the element of Water.

Water is a material linked to the Universe and to the Earth. Read more ▸

Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd
Valkeisenlampi pond

Island is a performance where the artist lives 5 days on a self-build raft, ‘the island’ connected to the outside world through a sporadic radio broadcast. Read more ▸

Kuopio’s identity is shaped by its striking, watery location but Minty Donald and Nick Millar are also interested in the functional and less spectacular water infrastructure of the city: the people, drainage systems and treatment plants that process Kuopio’s drinking, waste and run-off water. Read more ▸

Welcome to the best dance party of your life. Your time starts…NOW!

JOF and a collection of local teens welcomes you to 10-Minute Dance Parties – a celebration of art and colour, costume and community, and the universal nature of dance! Read more ▸

Cleansing Service is a performance-based installation for one-on-one encounter.

The artist River Lin invites audience members to participate the performance with the ceremony of ablution, removing traces of dirt, guilt, regret and the remnants of the day in a shared act of purification. Read more ▸

A woman on the street with outstretched arms, her t-shirt asks ‘Dance With Me.’
Will you accept her invitation? Read more ▸

A community project led by artist Ernest Truely invites you young people recently been granted asylum in Finland, along with young Finns, to playfully, and creatively, respond to ideas of identity. Read more ▸

The year 2016 was the warmest year for ages, scientists say. The more slowly we react to the climate change, the more we loose. What is there to be done? How to make the invisible visible and bodily?  Read more ▸

Sunday 24.9.2017
Hotel Scandic pool | Satamakatu Street 1

Pond is a small retreat, where we gather around water and give ourselves into it. Read more ▸

After more than a decade of working on our relationship with nature and the nonhuman world, Terike Haapoja
is turning her gaze to the figure of the human. Read more ▸

Wednesday 20.9.2017
University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio | Yliopistonranta Street 1 E

This year, ANTI Festival will organise a seminar in collaboration with Our Water-Conscious Land project, The University of Eastern Finland and the brand design company Ad Kiivi. The seminar presents contributors from a range of disciplines united by a common interest in water. Read more ▸

A rare double CD curated in 2008 by artists Alan Dunn and Jeff Young distributed around the festival events!

The collection brings together a range of artefacts, with full permissions, including John Cage’s Water Music, Scanner, Fluxus events, student recordings, Hugh Le Caine, Pauline Oliveros and Asmus Tietchens. Read more ▸


ANTI Prize Weekend


ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival presents a new event celebrating today’s most explosive live artists. ANTI Prize Weekend will take place around the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art between 27th and 29th October 2016 in Kuopio, Finland.

In the three-day-long event we will award the world’s only, international prize for live art and present a new commissioned work, Artefact by last year’s winner, Australian Willoh S.Weiland. Our Creative Europe Programme project Future DiverCities will also be presented for the first time to public. The event will feature a club programme, audience workshops,
artist talks and a PechaKucha Night.



A new event celebrating today’s most explosive live artists




ANTI Prize Weekend

Friday 28.10.2016

18.00 The Puijo Church | Taivaanpankontie Street 3
19.30 “Technopolis Park” | Savilahdentie Street, next to the skate park

No entrance fee!

Artefact is a ceremony for obsolete technology.

It commemorates the mysterious phenomenon of brand disappearance from Blackberry, to Nokia. It is a tribute to the immortal consumer icons we have internationally adored and the intimate and fickle ways we worship them.

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Saturday 29.10.2016

20.00 till late Restaurant Puikkari | Maaherrankatu Street 5

On Saturday 29th October we announce the 2016 Winner of ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art. A Massive Party will be followed by the prize ceremony!

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Saturday 29.10.2016

Restaurant Puikkari | Maaherrankatu 5

K-X-P flies to Kuopio directly from London!

Visiting Kuopio for the first time ever, K-X-P will offer rhythmic, electronic and hypnotic musical experience on Saturday 29th October 2016 in the restaurant Puikkari during the ANTI Prize Weekend. Showtime at 10 pm!

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ANTI Festival will host an experimental artist residency “Lab” as a part of the Future DiverCities project in Kuopio. This will be the first of the 19 Artist Labs which will test and develop the practical approaches of Future DiverCities vision and mission.

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Saturday 29.10.2016

11.00 – 13.00 Matkus Shopping Center, 2nd floor | Matkuksentie Street 60
20.00 – Restaurant Puikkari  | Maaherrankatu Street 5

The Future DiverCities Lab Artists will stage an intervention at Matkus, the biggest shopping mall of Kuopio to collect contributions – data on sonic memories, hope and discomfort – from the local people! The overmapping concept contains multiple layers and will be presented in form of a light and map installation during the ANTI Prize Party in the restaurant Puikkari.

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Saturday 29.10.2016

17.30 – 18.30 Kuopio Academy of Design | Piispankatu Street 8

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and the international Future DiverCities – Creativity in an Urban Context project will take part in the Curators’ Day organized by the local artist association Ars Libera.
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Thursday 27.10.2016

17.00 Bistro Wine & Deli | Minna Canthin katu 16

At the PechaKucha Kuopio vol. 12, the Future DiverCities Lab Artists and The Map Consortium will share their practice and after work moods in images!

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Monday 24.10.2016

18.00-20.00 Mylly – Luovien alojen keskus | Kuninkaankatu Street 7, 3rd floor

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and Future DiverCities project invite artists and creatives and everyone interested in developing city culture and digital innovation to get together in Kuopio!

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