Sustainable ANTI

We believe that art can serve as a catalyst that helps society and individuals to adopt ecologically sustainable approaches. ANTI also aims to work in a way that can continue for hundreds of years in any given circumstance.

Sustainable travel. The festival programme is mainly built around the central Kuopio area, making it easy for festivalgoers to move from one performance to another by foot. The audience and staff are urged to favour public transport, cycling and walking when the distances between art venues are longer. The festival staff and artists will only fly within Finland in exceptional situations. International guests and participants are also encouraged to travel by land. Sustainable travel is prioritised in our communications and we also aim to support it financially and when planning timetables.

Sustainable spaces. No areas in their natural state are employed as festival venues; instead, the festival is organised in the built environment or outdoor venues and parks. The festival makes use of wasted space and venues with minimal emissions caused by heat and electricity production. The festival office is located in the Kuopio city centre area along good travel connections. 

Sustainable productions. Sustainability is taken into consideration throughout the festival production from planning to implementation and post-production. In planning our programme, we aim to make such artistic choices that keep the consumption of energy and virgin materials at a minimum and require little transportation. In our procurements, we prioritise non-toxic materials and products that have been granted an eco-label or that are recycled and can be reused or recycled. We minimise waste by making plans and sorting any waste generated at the events. We communicate online as sustainably and accessibly as possible.

Sustainable networks. ANTI is involved in building a more sustainable future as a part of local and international communities. ANTI contributes to building sustainable art and cultural policy by taking part in various local, national and international working groups and projects. The festival complies with the City of Kuopio’s resource wisdom programme and negotiates more sustainable products and services with service providers. 

Economic sustainability. ANTI Festival aims to build partnerships that span several years and a sustainable financing base that allows the festival staff to focus on long-term, systematic activities.

Article photo:
River Lin: My Body is Queer Library. Photo: Akseli Muraja, ANTI Festival 2022.