The Church  of 4 Floors of Whores invites you to a workshop!

THE CHURCH  of 4 FLOORS OF WHORES wants to continue with you what began earlier this summer in Hangö Teaterträff-festival. Sign up on 7th Sep latest!

A journey to the repressed powers.
A theatrical reanimation of the great unknown. 
An unleashing of something that has been shut out, 
like the 13th fairy and is therefore only briefly shared in the moment of the aesthetic event. 
In this parade nothing shall be too shameful, too ugly or too much.
It’s the darkness that we all come from.

In a two-day workshop, artist group 4 Floors of Whores would like to invite the participants to embody the aspects of themselves through body-voice and improvisation exercises, which otherwise lie hidden as flaws and fears. How can we find freedom and emancipation in the play, and with the affirmation of what we imagine as wrong?

Within our workshop we will give these creatures a stage and a form, and provide you material for working with them. In the second part of this work, we will publicly display our demons in a procession through Kuopio on Saturday the 17th of September as part of ANTI Festival and ANTI Prize Party.

NOTE! For participating in the The Church of 4 Floors of Whores procession, it is not mandatory to attend the workshop.

Let us all together turn our shame into glory!

Article photo:
4 Floors of Whores at Hangö Teaterträff 2022. Photo: Jo Hislop.