A Worn World

At 13–19

At 12–19

At 12–19

At 12–19

At 10–15


Tulliportinkatu 33
70100 Kuopio

In Kuopio city centre opens up a space that invites visitors to spend their time and examine the social and bodily meanings related to clothing, and sew, knit, and have discussions.

Clothes can produce memories and emotions like fear, shame and sometimes simply pleasure. They have a distinct relation to the self: they carry spores of desire, appear in phantasies, remind us their former wearers, and mark social relation. In wearing clothes the personal and imaginary meets the symbolic and the social.

deufert&plischke and ANTI Festival work with a long-term participatory art project in Kuopio. They have started the work with the local students of design and dance pedagogy of Savonia University and open the space and activities to all audiences in Kuopio during the festival.

The project is part of ANTI Festival’s residency programme (2021-2022) that is funded by Saastamoinen Foundation. The project is also supported by Goethe-Institut Finnland and Savonia University.

Article photo:
A Worn World Atelier 2020. Kuva: Pekka Mäkinen.