The Church of 4 Floors of Whores

At 20–21


The cavalcade starts at the Kuopio Market Square and finishes in VR-Konepaja for the ANTI Prize Party.


1 hour.

The Church of 4 FLOOR OF WHORES is a cavalcade performance that allows us to escape the toxicity of our hyper-capitalist world in the spirit of Bacchanalia.

THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES is a cavalcade of purification, a pleasure procession and a train of creation. It is a parade of worship, of initiations, endings and new beginnings.

There is no world without belief. We dream about what this Church of ours would be, what it would look like, sound like, how it would smell. It is a play with the sacred and the profane, a work pondering our place in the world. It is longing for moments of self-forgetfulness. It is a sensual and sensitive parade for purification, for reflection, for play, for social gathering, for rebirth, for flesh, for life.

THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES invites spectators to participate in a site specific performance inspired by ancient bacchanals that enable the audiences to experience various rituals and ecstatic revelry. The participants of Bacchanalia believed in something. They believed in the bacchanalian element of constant becoming. Their rites were an affirmation of life itself as they celebrated the transcendence of dualistic conditions towards a perception of nature and time as cycles. Within their feast social structures were turned upside down. Breaking free from social order served as a ritualistic realization that all rules/conditions/hierarchies were man-made and could just as well look very different. Ecstasy meant to stand outside oneself. The mission was a liberation from restriction of oppressive norms. They worked out methods and rites and rituals to get in contact with that, they tried their hardest to get in touch with Bacchus. They were they but also I and I and I. Everyone in the same room of worship working towards a common goal but also probably a bit alone.

In this sociopolitical climate of hypercapitalism and neocolonialism and neoliberalism, 4 FLOORS OF WHORES offers a transformative tool to escape the toxicity of the unlivable present – or are we just fooling ourselves?

We welcome you to THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES. Please bring all your sins, worries, truths, dreams, sorrows, beliefs and other friends with you.

THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES is a part of Kulkue project. Kulkue is a joint project of three major art festivals. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio), Hangö Teaterträff (Hanko) and Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki) are carrying out an exceptionally broad series of joint productions from Finland and a tour built around the works. The key goal of the project is to promote the accessibility of festivals and extend the artwork lifecycle. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Article photo:
4 Floors of Whores at Hangö Teaterträff 2022. Photo: Jo Hislop.