Workshop: Bread for the World

10.9. – 15.9.


Kulttuuriareena 44
Kauppakatu 44

Tiziano Cruz, the winner of the Live Art Prize 2023, invites the public to come together to create bread offerings that will be part of the show Wayqeycuna.

Bread for the World is an experience, part of Tiziano Cruz‘s latest artistic work, Wayqeycuna, which seeks to intertwine art, territory and community, a space to explore culinary practices, such as the creation of loaves of bread to present our dead, those beings who have left this earthly plane and now inhabit the ancestral plane. This encounter explores collaborative work, attempting to erase the barrier between art and community.

The artist, in each territory where they present the work, investigates to find a community, and allies that allow them to carry out the experience; on this occasion, they will work with the community space of Kulttuuriareena 44 in Kuopio.

During approximately 3 hours of work, we will immerse ourselves in a millenary practice to rethink ourselves as contemporary societies.

Without an age limit and previous knowledge of the participants, the artist invites the public to create these bread offerings that will be part of the show Wayqeycuna.

Article photo:
Tiziano Cruz: Wayqeycuna. Photo by Matias Gutierrez.