10.9. – 15.9.



Hibernation is an archive of trans dreams built inside a liminal blanket fort; a place to do nothing; a collection of mundane utopias.

Drawing from personal and community trans archives, Hibernation asks: what do trans people dream about? How do we archive ourselves? How is being trans connected to the act of dreaming?

Transness is often depicted through the metaphor of a butterfly. But what are the dreams dreamt within the perceived stillness of the cocoon, when everything is gooey and fluid (and who says it ends when it’s time to hatch)?

Hibernation is open for several hours per day. The working group welcomes guests to come and go as they please, each at their own pace. There are archives, narratives, time loops and time hiccups to explore, add into, touch, and spend time with. There are comfortable spaces for resting and listening and being, without a need to rush to the next thing. There might be a ghost; after all, most dreams are a little bit haunted.

Hibernation is a part of Kulkue project. Kulkue is a joint project of three major art festivals. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio), Hangö Teaterträff (Hanko) and Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki) are carrying out an exceptionally broad series of joint productions from Finland and a tour built around the works. The key goal of the project is to promote the accessibility of festivals and extend the artwork lifecycle. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.