Binary the Trilogy: TESTO TEMPLE

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Binary the Trilogy: TESTO TEMPLE explores how gender or sexuality could be put on stage and what kind of stage is needed to make room for the multiplicity instead of the binary.

One of the starting points of the work has been a theoretical and empirical study of testosterone as a trigger for the unmaking of gender. Testosterone, like sex hormones in general, is seen as a symbol of gender and as a producer and building block of the characteristics associated with it. In reality, the role of hormones in the human body is much more complex and far from a socially produced binary structure. TESTO TEMPLE is a proposition in the form of a performance about what non-binary feels like, how non-binary reality might be accessed and how gender might be understood from a non-binary perspective.

TESTO TEMPLE is conceptualised and realised by Cadia and Minttu Vesala. The sound design is by Exploited Body. The work is part of Cadia’s doctoral thesis at the University of the Arts Theatre School.

Residency Program for Impossible Performance 2022–2023

The Residency Program for Impossible Performance is a part of the Reality Research Center’s main repertoire in 2022–2023. The ANTI Festival in Kuopio serves as its main partner. Reality Research Center selects a residency artist through an open call, and the residency produces a performance unlike anything seen before. Unlike in previous programmes, the residency work now takes time over the course of two years. Cadia and Vesala spent two weeks in the residency in 2022.