Advisory Board to Support the Artistic Planning of ANTI Festival

The international Advisory Board provides support and sparring to the artistic planning of ANTI Festival and the work of Lead Curator Elisa Itkonen.

The international Advisory Board of ANTI Festival comprises experts in international live art. The board members are writer-researcher Season Butler (Germany), artist-researcher Tania El Khoury (Lebanon/United States) and artist-curator River Lin (Taiwan/France). The board began its activities in the autumn of 2022 and will initially work for a one-year term.

– ANTI Festival has always had two curators. We’re also currently involved in several international and Finnish collaborative projects, in which I’m making programming choices together with my colleagues. Because of this, it’s not currently the time to appoint a second curator to the ANTI Festival. However, a multivoiced curating model is definitely also the way to go in the future. The cooperation with Season, Tania and River moves us forward towards this goal, says Elisa Itkonen, Lead Curator, ANTI Festival.

Itkonen describes the festival’s partnership-based curating process in more detail in her ANTIZINE article from last year.

Article photo:
Tania El Khoury, Season Butler and River Lin. Photos by: Nour Annan, Christa Holka and Youwei Chen.