Waitlist, queuing and cancelling a ticket

In this page you will find information on waitlists and queuing and instructions for cancelling your tickets.

How to get to the waitlist?
You can now sign up for a waitlist of a sold out performance. The link to signing up to the waitlist is the same as the link with bookings. Select the performance, sign up by typing your name and email address and you are in.

What is the waitlist?
Waitlist is an automatic list under our bookings system. If someone cancels their booked ticket for a performance that is sold out, the first person in the waitlist will receive an email and be offered a chance to book a ticket for themselves. The ticket released from the waitlist must be confirmed during 24 hours. If you don’t take the ticket in that time frame, the ticket will be released to the next person in the waitlist. The waitlist closes 1 hour prior to the start of a performance.

What about queuing? What does it mean?
Queuing is a way to get to see a performance without a ticket. You can come queuing for a sold out performance at the performance venue 30 minutes prior to the start of a performance. If someone who has booked a ticket does not show up for the performance, we will take people in from the queue in their arriving order. Usually 5–10 people get in from the door by queuing.

I have a ticket, but something came up and I can’t come. What to do?
When you have booked a ticket in our bookings system, you have received an email with the ticket. In the email there is a link saying Go to My Tickets. By following that link and logging in to the system you will be able to cancel the ticket. It is important to cancel the ticket so someone in the waitlist will get the chance to book their ticket.

Help! I got lost while trying to cancel my ticket.

  1. Search your email inbox with a title Your tickets to *selected performance*
  2. In the email, click the red Go to My Tickets button
  3. You will be noticed about the cookies in the website, and maybe couraged to download an app. There is no need to download anything.
  4. Eventually you arrive in the Eventbrite log in page. Click the Email me a login link button (located below the red Log in button).
  5. A new page appears asking “Where should we send your login link?”. Type in your email address and click Send login link.
  6. Now return to your email inbox folder. You have received an email with the title Here’s your login link. Click the red Log in button.
  7. Now you should be able to see your orders made with this email address. Click Cancel order and confirm it buy clicking the red button Yes, I want to cancel my order.
  8. Yey, now you know how to cancel your tickets in Eventbrite!

Can’t I just forward my ticket to a friend who would like to come?
Of course you can, if you wish! The sooner the ticket gets to the hands of someone who is able to join, the better.

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