AALTO Projects: Tunto

At 8–19

At 8–16

At 10–16


Kuopio City Library, exhibition space
Maaherrankatu 12, Kuopio

The students from Art and Media Department of Aalto University will carry out diverse projects, interventions, performances and exhibitions in public spaces.

Through the senses of touch, a person receives information about their body, objects and their properties. This makes tactile information an important basis for human consciousness and awareness. Experiences gained through touch and palpation complement other senses and help us to perceive the environment and to sense touch, pressure, pain, cold, warmth and vibration. Tunto is an art piece that aims to produce haptic experiences, meaning experiences based on touch. This tactile work is designed for children and anyone who wants to experience a work of art in a multi-sensory way.

This project is part of a long-term collaboration between ANTI Festival and Aalto University, in which the festival serves as a platform for a course in artistic research.

Article photo:
Soili Rautanen: Tunto. Photo: Soili Rautanen.