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Sinking Could Be

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VR Konepaja
Pohjolankatu 1

In Jota Mombaça’s site-specific work sinking could be water cut aluminium sculptures, raw cotton banners, sand, blue window foil, dried flowers, bass and voices together show us the power of water.

sinking could be continues a cycle of Jota Mombaça’s recent site-specific compositions in which an assembly of materials including blue light, sound and cotton textiles are activated in order to inform a practice of elemental sensing.

In this project, the material inquiry is extended to the shoreline and the fluidity of sand, evoking the presence of Sloterplas lake, mined for sand to build Amsterdam’s Western Garden Cities; as well as to the resilience of aluminum, and the cutting force of water – here, manifested both in the process of sinking, in which the 4 aluminum sculptures that compose the installation are left under the water; and in the process of forming said aluminum sculptures, in which a water jet cutter was used to produce the shapes on a aluminum plaque.

sinking could be was initially produced with the support of the Ammodo Foundation, and presented as a performance and installation at de Appel, Amsterdam.

The performance in Kuopio is produced in co-operation with Resand.

Article photo:
Jota Mombaça in sinking could be performance with Tessa Mars. Photo by Maarten Nauw