Shared Futures: Imagining Future Bodies

At 15–18

At 14–17

At 12–15


Kuopio Art Museum Café
Kauppakatu 35, Kuopio


The installation is live for 3 hours. The audience can come and go as they wish.

Imagining Future Bodies is a live installation by Kuopio based people aged over 60 years. The working group will share the audience their imaginative and artistic journey to the future of Kuopio.

Artists Emma Fält and Anna-Maria Väisänen have held weekly workshops in Kuopio for people aged 60+ from the beginning of 2022. At the ANTI Festival the artists and the working group are presenting the two parts of the project Shared Futures and inviting the audience to imagine and dream the future of Kuopio 100 years from now.

In the live installation Shared Futures: Imagining Future Bodies the working group share their exploration of the urban space and their living environments, as well as the related needs and dreams for the future. Deep and radical listening, wild co-imagination and a multisensory approach have been central to the work. In the live installation at the Art Museum of Kuopio the group works with materials they have chosen to be an important part of imagining the future, its possible bodies and environments.

Article photo:
Fält, Väisänen & Fusco: Jaettu tulevaisuus. Kuva: Pekka Mäkinen.