Shortlist live!

Ocean Island Mine

At 19–21


Kuopio Market Square


2+ hours

Ocean Island Mine by Latai Taumoepeau is a live work where the ancient and everyday ruination becomes visible by shoveling the melting ice.

A woman, a 1000kg block of ice, a shovel, and the steady walk from point A to point B. Back and forth, she works the open-cut mines of the past into the future of climate change; excavating the solid white rock into invisibility.

What remains in the aftershocks of empire? Such effects reside in the corroded hollows of landscapes. The question is pointed: How do imperial formations persist in their material debris, in ruined landscapes and through the social ruination of people’s lives?

The more ancient I am, the more contemporary my work is.
I am not doing anything new.
When I do faivā, I perform space. When I do space, I do time – they are
When I faivā, I do form. When I do form, I also do content – they are
Faivā is the art of organising and performing social duties related to place, the
body and environment – they are inseparable. I am an anti-disciplinary artist.
Alive today.
– Latai Taumoepeau

Article photo:
Latai Taumoepau: Ocean Island Mine. Photo: Sami Simic.