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I live in a house with a door

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Culture Arena 44
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1 hour.

I live in a house with a door is a performance work in which Liz Rosenfeld explores the material of flesh through a narrative of cruising, erotic potential, environmental futures and discursive time.

In a resistant relationship to metaphor, Rosenfeld collaborates and experiments with flesh as material and the possibilities it presents within its own autonomies and rhythms. Through dancing with breath and flesh, Rosenfeld culminates this experience with a science fiction text, where they are implicated in an erotic cruising scene with an invisible gas, called the Shimmer. The Shimmer effects both the physicality and emotionality of Rosenfeld’s relationship to the body, while also implicating bodies of flesh in questions of environmental decline, queer sexuality and the potential of holes. As they engage in a duet with their flesh, Rosenfeld arrives at propositions of how the non-binary can transcend the markers of gender, offering the abundance of flesh as a material to serve a corporal resistance fuelled by the potential of radical erotic and intimate relationships. The title for this work is a quote from the book, “Time is a thing a body moves through” by T Fleischmann.

Article photo:
Liz Rosenfeld: I live in a house with a door. Photo: Christa Holka.