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ITAK Stage
Suokatu 42
70110 Kuopio


1 h

Herbarium by Aleksandra Jakubczak is a sensory experience where we will surrender to interact with plants as organisms. The performance will speak to the audiences vision as well as the senses of hearing, smell and touch.

For centuries, plants have been preserved by pressing and drying. Creating a herbarium is an ancient tradition: plants as organisms from which we humans can learn. They enhance our perception, heal and nourish us, but they can also harm or poison us.

We may remember our ancient, spiritual relationship with plants, as the basis of our life on earth. With all our senses, we want to learn from them and be inspired to act.

Herbarium is a sensory experience. A performative space designed to explore the senses of smell, hearing and touch. It is a journey inward. It leads into the heart of an ancient forest where we perceive that we are not the center of everything. Along the way, we discover the elusive life of flora, its uncertainty, vulnerability and amazing ability to survive – and above all:, our own, individual, botanical pleasure.

Always follow your nose. Herbarium awaits you.

Herbarium is part of FACE TO FAITH project. FACE TO FAITH is a larger scale co-operation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Article photo:
Alexandra Jacubzcak: Herbarium. Photo: Nathan Dreessen.