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Scandic Kuopio
Snellman Hall
Satamakatu 1
70100 Kuopio


2–3 hours inc. intermission 15–20 min.

Fixit is a performance about the European Union by Kaino Wennerstrand. Fixit looks for answers to the current issues concerning Europe via pop music and lecture performance.

After reading books on
NATO, EU, Cold War,
I wondered:

How does theory turn into art?
History -> Beauty???

After all that reading, what should I do?
Give a talk?

But you don’t go to a performance
to change your mind
And if you do, like, if you trust an artist
maybe you shouldn’t vote???

The stage is not where I execute a plan
I’m there to live

  • I’ll sing, play dead, and answer yr questions
  • We have 2-3 hours
  • It’s in a pretty conference room w coffee & snacks
  • and yeah, this work is about the European Union

Kaino Wennerstrand’s Fixit is part of Face to Faith project. Face to Faith is a larger scale co-operation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Article photo:
Kaino Wennerstrand: Fixit 2022.