LOCAL COALITION: Future DiverCities Kuopio 4th April 2023

In the workshop of the Future DiverCities Local Coalition, the participants are invited to co-develop the values for a new urban space in Kuopio.

The workshop will be held in Finnish language and facilitated by FEMMA Planning, an agency specialising in participatory urban planning.

The Local Coalition is part of the Future DiverCities 2 project, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The new international project investigates the potential for using empty spaces in the cities and inspires city dwellers to participate in developing the urban culture in their local area. The Future DiverCities 2 project is committed to ecologically sustainable development. Read more about the project!

Article photo:
Paikallisraadin työpajan ANTI-festivaalilla fasilitoi osallistavaan kaupunkisuunnitteluun erikoistunut FEMMA Planning. Kuva: Akseli Muraja