For travelers and friends far away

If you travel to the festival by train or come from a long distance, you can start the festival experience already on the road. Our friends who can’t make it to Kuopio this time for the festival could also appreciate the tips below.

For listeners

thought: interrupted

The radio broadcast of the collective is being streamed live at the festival and the atmosphere on site can be listened to online. Turn on the online radio and tune in to the atmosphere of ANTI and!

RadiOh Europa

Action Hero made us a 10-hour podcast consisting of love songs. The podcast is designed to be listened to on the way from Riga, Homo Novus International Theatre Festival to ANTI Festival in Kuopio. The work of sound art is also suitable for listening on a shorter journey, and perhaps there is enough to listen to on your return journey as well?

For readers

Live Art Prize 10 years

The ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art is awarded for the tenth time this year. As part of the anniversary year, we put together a small online publication around the award. Professor Jennie Klein, who has been to the ANTI festival for a long time, wrote a brief history of The ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art at our request. Curator Anna Teuwen got to know this year’s Live Art Prize nominees and wrote a text that reflects the current trends and landscapes of live art. Artist Kaino Wennerstrand discusses the complexity of art awards in a critical essay –and Cassils, the artist who received the first Live Art Prize, brings another perspective to the topic. The publication was edited by Heidi Backström. Go read it through!


A few articles widening the perspective of the festival’s program were published for the first time a year ago under the tag ANTIZINE. This fall, the collection of articles was added with a written lecture on concrete construction prepared for the performance I was living in a strange place by architect Kaisa Karvinen, and a column by Elisa Itkonen, the leading curator of the ANTI festival, on the role of live art in public art collections. Take a look!