Welcome to Shared Futures project sharing on 3rd Dec

Shared Futures is a long term, multiform collaboration that invites people to imagine futures. On Sat 3rd Dec in Kuopio Main Library the participants of the project invite you to explore their practice.

Artists Emma Fält and Anna-Maria Väisänen have held weekly workshops in Kuopio for 60+ people. The group explores the urban space and the living environments of the participants, as well as the related needs and dreams for the future. Deep and radical listening, wild co-imagination and a multisensory approach have been central to the work. In Kuopio Main Library’s Kohtaamo space, the group works with materials they have chosen to be an important part of imagining the future, its possible bodies and environments.

Shared Futures project participants invite the audience to explore the space of imagining the future on Saturday 3rd December 2022.

Article photo:
Jaettu tulevaisuus. Kuva: Karri Lämpsä.