Workshop: Urban nature in natural colors

At 09:30–11:30
At 16:00–18:00


Brahenkatu 3
70100 Kuopio

If raining the workshop will be held in Galleria Ars Libera
Maaherrankatu 3

The students from Art and Media Department of Aalto University will carry out diverse projects, interventions, performances and exhibitions in public spaces.

The workshop encourages participants to look around and examine the beauty and details of urban nature. What can be found on the ground or in the sky? Your gaze can be focused on colors, shapes or movement. Bugs, birds, bushes and trees are also part of the urban streetscape. Urban nature is in a constant state of change. Come and capture your observations by painting on paper.

The workshop opens in Brahenpuisto, where you can paint with natural colors on paper. You get to make natural dyes from plants found nearby. You can pick the plants yourself and with the color you have prepared you can paint the things you find and observe. You can take the paper you painted with you or you can leave it as part of the art exhibition created during the workshop.

Article photo:
Kuvaaja: Greta Muuri.