URGENT – Residency for Artworks

10.9. – 15.9.



Urgent – Residency for Artworks is a performance by L. Puska with artworks from other artists. At ANTI Festival L. Puska can be met with “blob”, a sculpture by Eva Spierenburg, in the public spaces of Kuopio.

Urgent – Residency for Artworks is a platform to ponder upon material agency and the role of the artwork as a performer through performance and shared experience. The project aims to give a central stage to an art object and engage in interactions and discussions through its existence.

The performance stems from the necessity to reconsider our relationship to objects in the times of overproduction and exhausting consumption. The invited object is the voice bringing forth this question.

Invited guest resident in Kuopio:
blob by Eva Spierenburg

Article photo:
URGENT – Residency for Artworks with Eva Spierenburg’s blob. Photo by: Marens van Leunen