AALTO Projects: The Field of Happy Flowers

At 8–19

At 8–16

At 10–16

At 10–15


Kuopio City Library, exhibition space
Maaherrankatu 12, Kuopio

The students from Art and Media Department of Aalto University will carry out diverse projects, interventions, performances and exhibitions in public spaces.

Welcome to build a community art piece called The Field of Happy Flowers together at the Kuopio Library. You can come and create flowers from recycled materials that are available at the library, together with the artist or make it by yourself. Making flowers is easy and we welcome all ages to participate. When joining with your flower/s please sent joyful or lovely thoughts forward and let’s let the joy grow on The Field of Happy Flowers.

This project is part of a long-term collaboration between ANTI Festival and Aalto University, in which the festival serves as a platform for a course in artistic research.

Article photo:
Jenni Perttu: The Field of Happy Flowers. Photo: Jenni Perttu.