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Soliloquy – I woke up and hit my head against the wall is a performative monologue based on a series of letters written by the artist to his mother.

Tiziano Cruz puts himself front and centre in this performative monologue, based on a series of letters he wrote to his mother in 2020. Cruz’s mother lives in northern Argentina, and he was unable to travel there from his home in Buenos Aires during the first pandemic lockdown. Reaching her across boundaries of geography and class, Cruz uses the letters as the starting point for a critique of economic, racial and institutional oppression.

As an Indigenous artist, Cruz speaks about the suffering his people have endured under a system of white supremacy, examining the role Buenos Aires plays in Argentina’s culture of inequality. Using the power of theatre and the precision of language, Cruz poses a difficult question: What does it mean for him to use his body for art in a country where bodies like his are not supposed to exist?

Article photo:
Tiziano Cruz: Soliloquy. Photo by: Diego Astarita.