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Sanity TV

At 14:00

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Koljonniemenkatu 48-50
70100 Kuopio

Sanity TV is a participatory and experimental performance that takes the form of a talk show.

Sanity TV is a live performance with an open-ended structure. There is audience participation. There may be cameras. The artist drives the performance from point to point with improvisation, sound, and space activation. The viewers collaborate to determine the shape of the moment and breathe life into the infinite possibilities. 

“It is an extremely experimental work for me that takes the form of a talk show in which the audience is imaginary and the “guests” – that range from objects to people- are invited into an imaginary dissociative conversational space by myself, the host. [- -] This work feels important, yet effortless; it achieves my goal of working with my strengths as an improvisational performer while instantly critically engaging my ongoing inquiry into psychodynamic theory.” -Autumn Knight,

Article photo:
Autumn Knight: Sanity TV. Photo by: Paula Court, Academie der Kunst.