Plant Based Stories Live

At 21:30

At 20:00


Pohjolankatu 1

Plant Based Stories will be presented live on two nights of ANTI Festival.

Plant Based Stories is a three-year project carried out by Pia Sirén, Ilona Valkonen and Mirella Pendolin that travels to Kuopio, Helsinki and Hanko. During the process, a metamorphosis takes place: the touring story-telling performance leads to an installation and performance where stories play the main role, ultimately transforming into a permanent, planted garden. In the live performance artist Severi Häyhä will also join the performing group.

At the 2023 ANTI Festival, the working group will build an audiovisual installation comprising performances based on the stories collected at the previous year’s festival. Sound, videos and live music performances are used to present the plant-based stories collected from the audience using the means of a mental garden. In the artwork, botany is replaced by the ways in which we remember plants and join them to a human narrative, stemming from the human mind. Elements recurring in the stories include the narrators’ grandparents’ house, deceased loved ones, turning points in life, love and everyday life.

Plant Based Stories II is a part of Kulkue project. Kulkue is a joint project of three major art festivals. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio), Hangö Teaterträff (Hanko) and Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki) are carrying out an exceptionally broad series of joint productions from Finland and a tour built around the works. The key goal of the project is to promote the accessibility of festivals and extend the artwork lifecycle. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Article photo:
Plant Based Stories. Mirella Pendolin, Pia Sirén, Ilona Valkonen. Kuva: Akseli Muraja.