AALTO Projects: Perintö/Arvet

At 10–14 and 16–19

At 10–13 and 16–19

At 10–15


West shore of Valkeisenlampi, near the art work Mökit ja mäet by Antti Immonen.

The students from Art and Media Department of Aalto University will carry out diverse projects, interventions, performances and exhibitions in public spaces.

In the installation, there are three basic elements embedded in the environment: surround sound, etched copper plates and light reflection. I strive for minimal gestures; the work becomes part of its environment and can be found by observing. The sound of the work is compiled from the audio tape of my late grandmother, in which she is interviewed by my mother. 

The living and the dead meet, there will be a final conversation. Memories materialize, move forward in time and become part of us who are still here. What do we do with these stories, what is their legacy?

This project is part of a long-term collaboration between ANTI Festival and Aalto University, in which the festival serves as a platform for a course in artistic research.

Article photo:
Paula Aarniala: Perintö/Arvet. Photo: Paula Aarniala.