ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival

Looking for a good time? Look no further than the streets of Kuopio where carrying the cruising bag will bring you unexpected pleasures of the most joyful nature. Clearly display your bag, available from the ANTI Festival Centre, and a secret world of one-toone performances is yours, but when and where? And who with? It’s time to find out… Read more ▸

Atlantic is performance as concert, with the live rendition of a single 40-minute song. The background of the project is as intriguing as the event itself promises to be. Artist Juli Reinartz explains “while researching different musical styles, I stumbled across what has been called the Black Atlantic”. Read more ▸

Sauna Lectures, the finale of ANTI 2013, revives the age-old Finnish tradition of discussing politics and social affairs in the sauna. Read more ▸

Albedo Dreams is a piece that will be in construction during the entire festival; it plays with the idea of DIY geoengineering. Albedo is the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface. Scientists use albedo to measure how much energy and heat our planet absorbs. Read more ▸

Kuopio is in the pink as Ainu Palmu’s Caravan pulls into town. By day a pink workforce set the scene for what, by night, is something of a surprise – the town turns to pink, one building at a time. Read more ▸

Enter an unknown city with The Reindeer Safari. – an award winning collective event where audiences are invited to experience the world as the reindeer do. The Reindeer Safari invites you to spend the day in its herd as it silently roams the city, seeing and feeling from the reindeer’s perspective, abandoning the human and embracing something much more wild, much more free. Read more ▸

Manual skills and handicrafts often contain a lot of cultural information and performance-like qualities that may easily go unnoticed. Read more ▸

If you’ve ever written creatively you’ll surely have a few pages that you wouldn’t mind burning, words you had hoped would never see the light of day. Well, it’s time to bring them out, read them aloud, kiss them goodbye and set them alight. Read more ▸



Brian Lobel (UK) etc: Cruising for Art

Wooloo (DK): Human Hotel

Eva Ísleifsdóttir (IS): Cry Havoc

Juli Reinartz (DE): Atlantic

Satu Herrala (FI): Sauna lectures

Mari Keski-Korsu (FI): Albedo Dreams

Ainu-Eliina Palmu (FI): Pink Caravan

Toisissa tiloissa (FI): Reindeer Safari

Lea & Pekka Kantonen (FI): Performance About Crafts

Nanna Hänninen (FI), Tomi Kosonen (FI), Jyrki Heikkinen (FI) & Simon Whitehead (UK): Luonnon ANTI

Pohjois-Savon kirjallinen yhdistys Vestäjät (FI): Literary Art On Fire

PechaKucha Night Kuopio: Relationship between artist and audience