How to find VR Konepaja

The festival lounge, festival opening, ANTI Prize Party as well as other events are located in the VR Konepaja, Männistö area. This page you can find instructions how to find the place.

When approaching the VR Konepaja from the city center:

  • Navigate to address Pohjolankatu 1
  • Turn right to the industrial area
  • Walk through the industrial area, pass by buildings towards Kullervonkatu end of the area
  • The events are located in the building that is closest to Kullervonkatu
  • Google Maps guides you to the right spot with the title VR MAKASIINI, Kuopio

There are signs in the area guiding you the right way.

The image below might help:

VR Konepaja, Pohjolankatu 1, Kuopio.