ANTI Festival and Savonia University of Applied Sciences from Kuopio involved in the new Creative Europe project

The new international project investigates the potential for using empty spaces in the cities and inspires city dwellers to participate in developing the urban culture in their local area. The Future DiverCities 2 project is committed to ecologically sustainable development.

The collaborative project by the ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and its 12 European partners has been granted support by the European Commission’s Creative Europe Programme. The four-year project will be carried out between 2022 and 2026. ANTI Festival’s budget for the project is nearly EUR 400,000, of which EU funding amounts to EUR 237,055.

13 cultural organisations from ten different countries participate in the international project. The French cultural house Friche la Belle de Mai leads the cooperation between the project actors. From Kuopio, ANTI Festival and Savonia University of Applied Sciences participate in the project.

Local panel participates in planning the activities

At the start of the project, ANTI Festival will set up a local coalition in Kuopio. Panel members will be invited to participate in co-development workshops for art and culture activities. The workshops will be facilitated by FEMMA Planning, an agency specialising in urban planning, in 2022 and 2023. The workshops are free of charge and will include discussions on wishes for the future and development of the Kuopio Konepaja industrial area. ANTI Festival aims to organise art and cultural activities driven by the local residents in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Kuopio Konepaja area starting next year, until the end of the project.
The first Future DiverCities Kuopio local panel will be organised as a part of the ANTI Festival on 13 September.

Article photo:
Photo: Pekka Mäkinen