Promoting accessibility

ANTI Festival aims to ensure equality and accessibility in all its activities. Through practical acts and programming choices, we aim to promote equal participation in arts and culture for all people.

ANTI Festival is per se easy to access in many ways:

All our events are free of charge to all audiences; participating at ANTI Festival does not require a certain socioeconomic background. Participants don’t need a certain language skill either as the events are often multisensory and experiential in nature.

ANTI Festival activates public spaces through the means of contemporary art. In line with the festival’s values, the activities emphasise everyone’s right to experience art as part of their everyday lives and living environments. This strengthens both accessibility and a vibrant urban culture, creativity and collaboration.

The festival works constantly and actively to promote more equal art field and more accessible events:

Concrete development targets on which we are currently focusing in our operation include the accessibility of the festival’s digital communications, offering accessibility information on the festival venues, and sign language interpretation at some of the festival performances.

In addition, we work to create an equality plan that considers, for example, the diverse artists and other employees of the festival, and their accessibility and well-being needs.

For the accessibility information of the event venues and performances at the 2022 festival, see Event accessibility.