Artist Lab: HC Gilje (NO)

HC Gilje has moved between installation, experimental video, live performance and set design since he graduated from the intermedia department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim in 1999.

Since 2006 Gilje started working on the long term project Conversations with spaces, taking elements from his earlier practice: exploration of physical spaces in his videos, creation of spaces in his stage work and improvisation from his live work. This project explores, mainly through large-scale installations, perception of change and transformation in the meeting between the ephemeral media of light, projection, sound and motion with physical structures.

23.-30.10.2016 Future DiverCities: Artist Lab

Artistic Statement

Motion: I am interested in how motion passes through spaces, objects, bodies and landscapes.

Light: I am not particularly interested in the light source itself but in how light interacts with physical structures. Light is only visible as manifestations in materials through reflection, refraction and shadows.