Future DiverCities Artist Lab: Overmapping

Saturday 29.10.2016

11.00 – 13.00 Matkus Shopping Center, 2nd floor | Matkuksentie Street 60
20.00 – Restaurant Puikkari  | Maaherrankatu Street 5

The Future DiverCities Lab Artists will stage an intervention at Matkus, the biggest shopping mall of Kuopio to collect contributions – data on sonic memories, hope and discomfort – from the local people! The overmapping concept contains multiple layers and will be presented in form of a light and map installation during the ANTI Prize Party in the restaurant Puikkari.

 A map has been carved out of Kuopio geographics and will be filled with new locations. The Lab Artists have already visited a local kindergarden and built an animation map of a 5-year old group.

A collection of maps of reasearch and process can be followed online:  Overmapping.tumblr.com!