Artist Lab: The Constitute (DE)

The Constitute uses the potency of academic research, artistic practice and economic reason to create outstanding and unique objects, processes and experiences. Their work relies on interiors as well as exteriors, visual language for public space, digital and physical expressions and the poetic qualities of misuse, error and inspiration.

Within the last years The Constitute has been showcasing their work internationally and worked with clients and partners from cultural organisations, media industries and research institutions. They deliver design solutions, improvements of creative processes and aesthetic consulting.

The Constitute’s work has a forecasting and partly critical approach. They strongly believe in the power of design to make an impact, whether economically or socially, to improve all people lifes. To share knowledge and access to recent developments, The Constitute permanently gives courses and workshops in different academic institutions, helping students and professionals redefining and refining their personal expertises.

23.-30.10.2016 Future DiverCities: Artist Lab