Artist Lab: Antye Greie-Ripatti (DE/FI)

Antye Greie-Ripatti is a digital songwriter, sound composer, poetess, curator and educator.

Born 1969 in East Germany she now lives and works in Hailuoto, Finland. Known as Laub, AGF and poemproducer. Antye’s focus in work includes the relationship between language, voice, sound, humanity and the machine. Medium are records, audiovisual live performance, digital communication, sound installations, commissions for movies and theater.

Greie-Ripatti has released 30 long player records and numerous collaborations under such aliases as AGF, AGF/Delay (with Vladislav Delay), Greie Gut Fraktion (with Gudrun Gut), and The Lappetites (with Kaffe Matthews and Eliane Radigue), many collaborations with the award-winning classical composer Craig Armstrong. She runs the production company and label AGF Producktion and has produced records for other artists most famously for Ellen Allien (SOOL, 2009, BPitch). In 2011 Greie-Ripatti founded the arts organization Hai Art in Hailuoto and practices as artistic director and independent curator since.

23.-30.10.2016 Future DiverCities: Artist Lab


Artistic Statement


hosted future
creation and dissemination
for the fu – ture

diversity explosion
the own rules economy
altered eco-sys

the capital steals all the words from us
smart, art, the streets
the domain and the music

aesthetics spread from a place of
research and heart
always on the wedge of elitism

multidisciplinary pro-cesses
perhaps our ultimate hope

like friendships
based on time and space

parallel Kuopio