WAUHAUS (FI): A Great Mess


A Great Mess by the Helsinki based art collective, WAUHAUS is a site-sensitive performance that transports us to a waste disposal site – the largest landfill in the Kuopio area. It offers a glimpse into a world where humans no longer see themselves as the centre of the universe.

Objects abandoned by people during several decades now form a hill in the middle of a forest. The partially landscaped mound holds beneath it a vast amount of different building materials, plastic, textiles, biomedical waste, rubber, and wool. 

A Great Mess looks at how the place came into being through the interaction of soil, waste, countless organisms, and human imagination. The performance visualises how the vast web of interdependencies, in which we exist with other species, has gradually evolved and continues to evolve each day. It is not a narrative lamenting the destruction wreaked by modernisation but a sincere effort to fathom how we can foster new life skills in the era of eco-crisis.

A Great Mess forms part of a series that the WAUHAUS collective will be working on during the upcoming years. The works will transport viewers to locations ranging from landscaped landfills and seagull-populated beaches to a silent, abandoned power plant. Their performances mark an uncompromising attempt to understand how humans fit in as part of a multispecies continuum. 

In their upcoming series WAUHAUS moves fluidly across the disciplines of theatre, evolutionary biology, visual art, sound art, ecology, music, animal philosophy, physics, and dance. Their work sets the stage for experiential representations of varying materialities and corporalities.

WAUHAUS (FI): A Great Mess


Creation: (the members of WAUHAUS): Laura Haapakangas, Anni Klein, Samuli Laine,
Jussi Matikainen & Jarkko Partanen

Performers: Per Ehrström & Sara Grotenfelt

Additional contributions by: evolutionary biologist Aura Raulo, light designer Sofia Palillo & producer Mira Eskelinen

Production: HAM Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki Biennial, ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival & WAUHAUS