Vincent Chevalier (CA): The red carpet treatment

For the duration of the ANTI Festival, Vincent Chevalier will be giving himself The Red Carpet Treatment. Whenever Chevalier travels from one place to another, he will walk along a 2-metre length of red carpet that he will unfurl before him. (It will be this process of locomotion that will take the artist from the plane at Kuopio Airport across the tarmac and into the arrivals hall). Enacting this endurance-based performance of privilege throughout Kuopio, Chevalier will work to generate an air of celebrity around his presence in the city, becoming both the producer and product of his own fame.

Vincent Chevalier (CA)

“I am an interdisciplinary artist addressing issues surrounding disclosure, labour, and identity as it relates to the body in public space. My practice attempts to bring the private into the public, the latent into view. Employing the interventionist qualities of video, performance, and installation, I create repetitive and endurance-based gestures that uncover hidden relationships between the body as subject and institutional structures of power.”