Toisissa tiloissa (FI): Reindeer Safari

Enter an unknown city with The Reindeer Safari. – an award winning collective event where audiences are invited to experience the world as the reindeer do. The Reindeer Safari invites you to spend the day in its herd as it silently roams the city, seeing and feeling from the reindeer’s perspective, abandoning the human and embracing something much more wild, much more free. The organising group act as shepherd dogs as they attend to participants’ needs and safety. Before departure the group introduce the way of the reindeer, their behaviour and their relationship to the human world. On return, after four hour wandering, participants join a meal together. Later the herd shares its experiences of a day spent silently moving through the wilds of Kuopio in a public event, Reindeer Round-Up.

The Reindeer Safari, a performance like no other won Finland’s Environmental Art Prize in 2011.

The safari begins at Hotel Puijonsarvi at 10 am and will finish back at the hotel around 3:30 pm. One hour long public event Reindeer Round-Up starts at 6pm at the Hotel. Places in the herd are limited so register now at or call +358 50 305 2005.

Gear for the wandering: Clothing according to the weather, comfortable shoes for wandering, backpack and drinking water. Wandering food is offered by Reindeer Safari.

Supported by Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.

Toisissa tiloissa (FI)

The collective Toisissa tiloissa (Other Spaces) was founded in 2004 by Esa Kirkkopelto. The group operates on the idea of continuous practice. It creates collective physical exercises through which people can access unfamiliar states and modes of experience. The group brings together Finnish alternative theatre creators and performance artists who share a passion for finding new forms of encounter between performer and audience.