Stephanie Nadeau (US): Anonymous collaboration

Nadeau will create a shortcut for urban pedestrians by adopting a daily schedule of repeatedly walking between two points across a small grassy division. This daily discreet performance will create a visible path in the grass, commonly known as a ‘desire path’: a path pedestrians create to better traverse a particular space. Nadeau hopes she will inspire others to follow the shortcut, thereby enforcing its presence. A small sign will be posted at the project site, with the invitation: ‘please walk’

The artists will begin creating the path on Wednesday 23rd September. Please help her with the work throughout the festival and return for the path’s grand opening on Sunday 27th September 3pm.

Stephanie Nadeau (US)

“City streets and structural barriers present an ensemble of possibilities and interdictions to the urban pedestrian.  Occasionally however, it is the pedestrian who creates the city, inventing pathways and creating shortcuts to suit his needs. Like animals drawn to follow the tracks of the herd, we will instinctually take the beaten track rather than the paved road. I think of each path as an ongoing collaborative effort between strangers, as countless pedestrians are needed to create and enforce a footpath”